Black Mountain College

Pre-College Summer Academy

Bridging the gap between school and the real world 

Black Mountain College is the boldest, most ambitious educational experiment in American history

Black Mountain College was a legendary institute based on John Dewey’s principles of progressive education. BMC became a powerhouse of modern culture and despite being a small, rural college in Appalachia, BMC attracted some of the most illuminating minds of the time, including Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Aldus Huxley, and Buckminster Fuller. The College succumbed to financial difficulties and closed in 1953. 

Today the spirit and philosophy of Black Mountain College continues to inspire innovators in the arts and sciences.



Pre-College Summer Academy

Year-Round Program

The Year Long Program encourages students to develop practical experience, wisdom, and non-ideological problem-solving skills in an enriching academic environment. In addition to preparing students for the rigor of college, this program is designed to create time and space for hosting conversations that fall outside the purview of a typical academic program. New The Year Long Program meets one Saturday a month from September to May and includes personal mentorship and one on one coaching.

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